Leading the way in contractor employment, engagement and payment solutions

As part of our commitment to our customers we have partnered with one of the leading payroll companies in the UK to offer the final step in the management of their workforce. Compass understands their clients. They know from years of experience that, in the recruitment supply chain you need to be confident that your suppliers will provide a service to candidates that merits your trust and referral. We always aim to deliver a service based on transparency, efficiency, integrity and professionalism.

They therefore offer a range of services to cater for all work scenarios, and pay levels. All of which come with the guarantee that your contractors are paid accurately, on time and in compliance with legislation and HMRC rules.

Professional Employment Organisation

Leading PAYE solution for agencies and end hirers.

Umbrella Contractors

Simple and safe, with all the benefits of continuous employment.

CIS Contractor

Great financial benefits for construction professionals.


Providing all the support you need to succeed as a contractor.

Recruitment Agencies

Compass provides support, advice and professional service based on our deep market experience and knowledge.

End Hires

Compass provides innovative employment solutions that remove compliance risk and minimise employment costs.

Compass Solution brochure

Compass provides umbrella, CIS and the new PEO contractor engagement solution.