We help companies deliver change

An increasingly changing world demands radical perspectives, new practices and a flexible culture of innovation that evolves with your needs. Site Circle provides you with the solutions your company needs to embrace change and maintain a competitive edge.

The question you'll only ask once

Sometimes the truth hurts

We don't believe the slogan "the customer is always right'. Yes, it's important to listen to the customers needs but we aren't afraid to tell you the truth. This work both ways. We have a team full of knowledge but we certainly don't know everything.

backed by the best

We've partnered with some of the most innovative software/hardware companies in the world. If you then add to the mix the industry bodies and experts we work with, you have a powerful combination.

Winning's a habit

We encourage your team to push the boundaries of what is possible with strategies designed for your people and resources. You never have to wait for us to take initiative. We anticipate your needs and act on them.

The best mix

Site Circle combines the ingenuity of a young startup with the experience of a longstanding corporation. Reap the benefits of agile processes, battle-tested methodologies and industry experts that understand your market.

It all started with a simple idea.

Changing the way companies manage their workforce

SiteCircle was the idea of a construction worker from London. At the start the idea was to improve the lives of construction workers by putting them in control of their working lives. The idea was to allow workers to create a digital work passport they could use to advertise their skills directly to hiring companies.

What SiteCircle is today is something he could only dream of. It's taken 4 years to get to this stage and we're only just getting started.

Building the bridge from innovation to industry

At Site Circle, we saw firsthand how companies were struggling to navigate innovation. To adapt and grow to the new world, they were going to need new ways to think, design and build — fast. Site Circle has evolved to help companies tackle their most pressing business challenges from, “How do we develop the products our people actually need?” to “How do we develop a sustainable innovation strategy?”. Using a human-centric approach to innovation, we have introduced new ways to improve productivity and profitability.

We learnt to evolve from within first

Today, Site Circle has grown from a small online hiring platform to one of the UK's leading construction technology companies. Our team of industry experts, academics and creatives minds help companies evolve and adapt to the new normal. Innovation solutions that gives companies the insights, products and strategies they need to drive change from within.


The future

We are currently looking at creating an apprenticeship scheme that creates opportunities for the next generation. We see the next generation as the true innovators of industry.