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Site Circle is dedicated to helping companies achieve innovation-driven success. Our team partners with established software companies globally, allowing us to bring real-world experience and industry knowledge to create unique and innovative solutions to help your company thrive and grow. By collaborating with us, you get access to the latest technologies and most up-to-date industry practices, giving you the competitive edge you need to stay ahead of the game.

With our tailored solutions, you can drive innovation from within your organization, while still maintaining the core values that make your company unique. Whether you're looking to streamline your operations, develop new products, or optimize your business processes, Site Circle has the tools and expertise to help you achieve your goals. Join us today and experience the benefits of innovation-driven success!


SiteCircle is dedicated to improving site safety and security. We offer a range of innovative solutions that can help you keep your site safe, including revolutionary beacon technology. With this technology, you'll be able to easily monitor and control access to restricted areas, detect falls, make SOS calls, and keep attendance records for emergency evacuations. This means that you'll be able to ensure that your site workers are safe at all times, and that you're prepared to handle any emergency situations that may arise. So if you're looking for a reliable and effective way to improve your site safety and security, look no further than SiteCircle.


By maintaining detailed, comprehensive records, you can rest assured that you are fully equipped to demonstrate your adherence to all relevant regulations in the event of an audit or inspection. Our user-friendly, cloud-based system is easy to use and accessible from anywhere, making it simple to keep your records up to date and accurate. With our online registers, you have a reliable solution to help streamline and simplify your compliance efforts, freeing up valuable time and resources for other important business tasks.


We offer time-saving features to improve productivity and financial returns. Our workflow solutions streamline processes, minimize tasks, optimize workflows, manage tasks, and enhance team communication. Our tools cater to today's business environment. Gain up to 35% productivity, quality work, and efficient resource use. Try our workflow solutions and see the benefits for your business.


Our company takes pride in providing a progressive pricing system that is both transparent and flexible to best fit the needs and scale of your business. We believe in redefining traditional processes and business models to bring about an incredible amount of value to our clients. It's important for us to make sure that you, as a valued partner, are aware of our desire to make things easier for you. We don't want our clients to worry about hidden fees or sudden price increases. Our transparent pricing model allows you to properly budget and plan for your product or service needs without any fear or anxiety.

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How we help

We offer a wide range of solutions that offer fantastic benefits to companies. Below are just 4 of the process we can help improve, transforming your business from digital dark age to forward thinking market leader.

Pre-Start Checks

Ensuring the right team is crucial to any project. We use advanced technology used by financial institutions to confirm worker identities and eligibility. We also check their skills against the industry-standard CITB database to ensure they’re qualified. We believe the team determines the success of a project, so we work hard to ensure you have confidence in the people working on yours.

Inductions and RAMS

Health and Safety measures are crucial for construction projects, especially risk assessments and method statements. Our APP simplifies these processes, allowing workers to complete them before arriving on site. Documents are digitally signed and stored on the worker’s phone, providing easy access. This technology revolutionizes the industry, making it safer and more efficient. By embracing these advanced processes, we create a safer environment for workers and ensure high-quality work.

Site Access Control

We pride ourselves in providing cutting-edge and diverse methods of accessing various sites. We understand the importance of time management and efficiency, which is why we have designed multiple access methods such as facial recognition, Bluetooth, and App-based systems to cater to the varying needs of our clients. Our solutions not only provide accurate and reliable access control but also eliminate the need for inconvenient on-site face scanning, making the entire process smoother for both the attendees and the organization.

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These are some of the features we currently offer

Identity Verification

Eligibility To Work

Skill Card Verification (CITB)

General Information

RAMs (Digitally Signed)

Online Induction

Travel To Work

Visitor QR Code

Toolbox Talks

Bluetooth Sign in/out

Management Platform

Site Analytics


We listen to what you need

We offer solution to all types and size of construction company from finding new workers to managing the productivity of a whole construction project. We feel its important that everyone has access to solutions that can improve their business and in turn improve the industry.


Without innovation, industry stands still.

Today’s fast-paced world demands innovation solutions that evolve with, and sustain your business in the long term. Our aim is to help companies change the way they view innovations and become part of the solutions by tapping into their own people, skills and resources.


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